Education Academic Teaching Jobs at The International Rescue Committee, Braeburn Dar es Salaam International School (BDIS) and Anazak Pre and Primary School

Deadline of this Job: 31 January 2023

Scope of work
The Senior Education Manager for Research forms the backbone of the PlayMatters country-based research team for IRC. She/he will be responsible for coordinating the implementation of multiple IRC-led research projects in Tanzania within the PlayMatters consortium and collaborating with other PlayMatters research staff from Consortium Partners (War Child Holland, IPA, and Behavioral Insights Team). With technical guidance from the PlayMatters Deputy Project Director of Research (based in Kampala) and the Principal Investigators for each study, the Senior Education Manager for Research will coordinate in-country activities related to research design, IRB clearance, stakeholder engagement, enumerator training, data collection, and data analysis processes. He/she will be responsible for assuring the quality and ethical implementation of in-country PlayMatters research studies and will also serve as the main point of contact in-country on matters relating to PlayMatters research, including liaising with the Program Management Committee, Content Development Committee, MEAL and policy/advocacy teams as needed.

The Senior Education Manager for Research is part of the Education Programme team in Tanzania. He/she will report to the PlayMatters Technical Lead.

Major responsibilities
1. With the close collaboration and supervision of the Principal Investigators (for IRC-led studies), coordinate all aspects of the implementation of designated IRC-led research project/s, including:
• Country-level development and submission of research applications, ethics submissions, and protocols for research projects.
• Conduct or supervise country and community-level participatory consultation with stakeholders and participants at all stages of research planning, preparation, implementation, and dissemination, including coordination and alignment of these activities with other PlayMatters consortium members to avoid overburdening participants.
• Coordinate with colleagues from the PlayMatters MEAL team and, as appropriate, align research and MEAL data collection and analysis activities;
• Country level work-planning, budgeting, and reporting on PlayMatters research projects
• Selecting and hiring local research assistants and enumerators.
• Undertake travel to field locations where required and if possible to consult with colleagues and stakeholders, provide training and technical support, and oversee quality assurance
• Managing and reporting on adverse events and serious adverse events related to implementing the research project according to data management protocols

2. Competency and capacity-building of local research team in research methods, research ethics, the research protocol, data management, and child safeguarding with PlayMatters regional team.

3. Supervision and coordination of the tasks of the local research team including:
• Regular supervision meetings and performance appraisals
• Scheduling and coordination of data collection including managing logistics such as transport, work schedules, resources required
• Support and coordination for data management
• Monitoring of quality of data collection, adherence to participatory and ethical practices, and intervention fidelity

4. Overseeing data entry and data set cleaning if needed.
Participating in regular research supervision and coordination meetings with PlayMatters regional research team and IRC’s Research & Innovation department.

5. Supporting or leading write-up and submission of academic manuscripts, book chapters, conference presentations, or other publications related to designated research projects.

6. Communicating key information from the research in a simple, clear, effective way to stakeholders that are non-researchers including community members and participants.

7. Serving as the main point of contact in-country on matters relating to PlayMatters research, including liaising with the Program Management Committee, Content Development Committee, MEAL and policy/advocacy teams as needed.

Please note that the above mentioned list is not exhaustive.


• A Masters or doctoral degree in Education, Psychology, Social Sciences, International Development, or Social Sciences-Related discipline.
• At least five years’ experience leading and/or coordinating field-based/community-based research with human subjects in a relevant field (i.e. psychosocial support, education, child protection).
• Excellent communication skills in English (oral and written).
• Proven track record in implementing research activities for human subjects research projects.
• Proven track record in qualitative and quantitative data management for human subjects research projects.
• Proven track record in implementing mixed methods research design.
• Experience in capacity building and supervising staff.
• Ability to communicate the principles of research to others in a simple, clear, effective way.
• Ability to critically reflect on research implementation progress and collaborate with stakeholders to keep research on track and of high quality.
• Proactivity and ability to operate independently.
• Demonstrated ability to manage and analyse data using SPSS or similar data analysis software
• Demonstrated ability to conduct presentations and facilitate workshops.


• Strong (creative/interactive) training skills.
• Strong supervision, coaching and communication skills.
• Strong planning skills
• Able to quickly and with attention to detail identify needs / gaps and work towards solutions.
• Cultural sensitivity.
• Results-oriented.
• willing and able to travel regularly.

Deadline of this Job: 15 January 2023

Braebum Dar es Salaam International School is a member of the highly respected Braebum Group of International Schools. Opened in September 2015, the school is a co-educational day school offering the National Curriculum of England and Cambridge IGCSEs to students between the ages of 2 and 16 years.

We have the following position available from August 2023:
• Teacher of Science (Biology)
• Teacher of History and Geography
• Teacher of English and Drama
• Teacher of French

All candidates must have a relevant teaching degree and experience teaching in an international school up to IGCSE level.

School Nurse job at Anazak Pre and Primary School
Deadline of this Job: 31 January 2023

Job purpose
A primary role is to ensure that the patient receives the direct and proper care they need, and they go about doing this in a number of ways. Assess and identify patients’ needs, then implement and monitor the patient’s medical plan and further treatment.

Duties and responsibilities
• Assessing, observing, and speaking to patients
• Recording details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health
• Preparing patients for exams and treatment
• Administering medications and treatments, then monitoring patients for side effects and reactions
• Creating, implementing, and evaluating patient care
• Performing wound care, such as cleaning and bandaging the patient
• Assisting in medical procedures as needed
• Operating and monitoring medical equipment in the school dispensing room
• Educating patients and family members where necessary on treatment and care, as well as answering their questions during medication.

Knowledge and skills
1. Effective Communication

On a daily basis, school nurses must communicate with their patients, patients’ family members where necessary, boarding master and higher authority of the school. In addition, nurses need to be able to clearly articulate any instructions for patients, such as how to take a medication or change a bandage.
2. Critical Thinking
Speaking of critical, critical thinking is another essential nursing skill. No day is the same in the life of a nurse. Nurses are constantly encountering new patients, new conditions, and new symptoms. Not to mention, health conditions change all the time. Existing patients may develop different symptoms, or react poorly to a treatment or medication. Nurses must know how to think on their feet to approach all that comes their way.
3. Attention to Detail
Nurses must be detail-oriented, as many of the situations they handle can be a matter of life or death. Nurses must be precise in ensuring that patients are given the correct treatments, in the right dosages and at the right times. In addition, they must pay attention to seemingly small details (like minor patient symptoms, or allergies), and ask questions to ensure nothing is missed.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability
A nurse must be able to adapt to all that comes your way, you must know how to manage, stay flexible, and keep pressing forward.
5. Commitment to Learning
Nursing is a field of constant learning. This is common in the healthcare field, as things are always changing. New technology is coming forth, and new treatments are being established. In order to stay current, you must be committed to learning and developing your career. You can also stay up-to-date simply by asking questions from different sources.

Qualifications: Education/Knowledge/Technical Skills and Experience
• Holder of Certificate/Diploma in Nursing or equivalent qualifications from recognized institutions in Tanzania.
• Experience in a similar job at least 3 years
• Good interpersonal skills, adaptability, flexibility and ability to prioritize tasks
• Excellent knowledge in communication skills
• Good planning and organizational skills
• Age 30-40 years