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Taking your first flight is certainly exciting, but can also become a source of stress for those who are unfamiliar with the rules, procedures and customs of flying. To prepare yourself for your first flight, it is therefore important to get information on everything you need to do before and during your journey. Here is a useful pre-departure checklist:

  • Before departing, it is important to check the airline's website for its hand luggage rules: weight, sizes and types of objects you can take on board. For example, as regards liquids, you are advised to carry these in your hand luggage, only in transparent, reseal able, plastic containers, not exceeding 100 ml. In this section, you will find information regarding the hand luggage permitted on your flights; if you have connection flights, we advise that you also check the websites of other airlines.
  • Arriving at the airport in advance (at least 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights) will enable you to check in and board your flight calmly, without anxiety and without unexpected last-minute issues.
  • Check in online, if possible. If travelling with hand luggage alone, you can check in online and print or download your boarding pass which you must take with you directly to security checks. This will enable you to save precious time once at the airport and to go to the gate calmly. For further information, please visit the dedicated page.
  • Set your mobile to flight mode, as well as other devices connected to the internet that you are taking on board. Cabin crew will remind you of this step before take-off. With flight mode set, you can still take photos of your unforgettable journey and you can also enjoy the in-flight entertainment system! To find out more, please visit the dedicated section.
  • If you suffer from motion sickness… you will only find out about it during your first flight! To prevent sickness from ruining your first flight on a plane, we advise you to take natural remedies, such as, for example, ginger tablets or gum to chew. Ginger is believed to have an anti-nausea action. Otherwise, ask your doctor to prescribe you antihistamines with a sedative effect.
  • Enjoy the view! By choosing a seat near the window, you will see breath-taking landscapes and you can take photos of the exquisite white clouds you will be flying above.
  • Try to take a nap! Sleeping on the plan will make time pass faster and you will arrive at your destination calm and rested.
  • Lastly, especially during take-off and landing, the change in pressure inside the cabin may cause discomfort in your ears. To prevent this discomfort, you are advised to stay awake during these maneuvers and to chew gum or wear ear plugs.
  • Further information that you may find useful for your first flight is available in the guide Get Ready for your Flight and in our FAQ section.
  • Dear customer we take this opportunity to inform you the details of special baggage items and this is due to limited space on our aircraft. You need to reserve for the transportation of some types of special baggage as early as possible, if you want to transport items which are not day-to-day objects, such as extensive sports equipment or hunting weapons.

    Please familiarize yourself with the valid regulations before you travel and make sure your reservation is confirmed before departure to ensure that you can take your special baggage with you. You can simply contact Air Tanzania Cargo representative on 0783275480.
    Amongst several items we have listed the most crucial items as listed below;-

    Alcoholic beverages

    Are not allowed unless they are purchased on a transit basis


    Sport Bicycles - Air Tanzania recommends that bicycles be packed in Nylon sacks or in cardboard enclosures, with tires deflated and handlebars turned parallel to the frame. Bicycles can be carried within the passenger’s free baggage allowance.


    Air Tanzania does not provide onboard wheelchairs; in case there is passenger own wheelchairs are allowed with a tag on at no cost.

    Musical instruments

    Musical instrument natures is fragile, therefore may be carried in the cabin.

    Golf and Fishing equipment

    Golf equipment bag and club sets must be carried as a cargo or checked-in baggage.

    Pole Vaulting Poles

    Can be accepted only if Space Control has confirmed it at the time of booking (packed in textile sacks) poles shall be packed individually.

    Firearms and Ammunition

    Special regulations apply to the transportation of sporting and hunting firearms and ammunition.
    Weapons and ammunition are not allowed due to type of aircraft.

    Shotgun or pistol

    As per Government of Tanzania regulations, a bona-fide passenger can carry one licensed revolver or pistol or shotgun in registered baggage after declaring them at check-in and meeting all safety and security requirements. A prescribed form is to be filled in by the passenger and verified by the Airline Manager.


    Perishable items are not allowed on-board.

    Shooting Equipment

    Shooting equipment is allowed as checked baggage only. It must be properly packed to protect its content. Cameras and flash are allowed on board.

    Diving Equipment

    Diving cylinders must be empty. The power source or bulb must be removed from diving lamps and the switch must be secured in the "OFF" position. A set of equipment can be carried free if not exceeding the Baggage limit together with other baggage. Total dimensions and weight shall be indicated in the PNR.

    Valued items

    Gold, Jewelries, Laptops and cash are not accepted as checked-in baggage.

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